Kindly read through the following before paying your deposit or download it here: Terms-and-Conditions.pdf

Stephen Van Eeden Atelier Pty Ltd is a business in the fashion industry that designs and sells designer fashion items.


  • A consultation fee of R750.00 (Excluding VAT) is charged for a 1-hour session, which is payable before or on the date of consultation via eft.
  • To avoid disappointment, please book 4 to 6 months before your wedding or event.
  • Consultations happen by appointment only and must be confirmed via email.
  • Best of all correspondence occurs via email to avoid confusion.
  • The client is welcome to bring one objective person to the consultation. In the case of a wedding, it will usually be the mother-of-the-bride or maid of honour.
  • Cancellation of consultation should occur 24 hours in advance, if not the consultation fee will be retained. The client is welcome to reschedule the consultation for another suitable date & time.
  • During a consultation, Stephen will get an understanding of the client’s personality, likes, dislikes and the inspiration behind her wedding day or the event she will be attending.
  • Stephen will take note of all elements and make reference to rough silhouette sketches.
  • After the 1st consultation, Stephen will illustrate design possibilities and decide on fabric options that are best suited for the design. The final design layout, a brief explanation of the design, and fabrication and a quotation will be sent to the client via email, 7-14 days from the date of the consultation.
  • Any amendments to the design or quotation need to be clearly stated in an email or discussed in person with the designer himself.


  • Stephen Van Eeden, bespoke made-to-measure gowns start at the following:
    Wedding Gowns from R28000, Mother of Bride / Groom ensembles from
    R16500 and Evening Gowns from R17500 (Including Design, Fabric & Labour), however exclusive of VAT.
  • These figures are just estimates and the final quote will depend on the design and fabrication.
  • All prices on quotes generated by Stephen will be inclusive of VAT (15%) unless otherwise stated.
  • Your budget will be taken into consideration during the design process.
  • Quotes are valid for 14 days or 2 weeks after it was sent to the client.


  • Once the 50% deposit is paid and the terms and conditions are signed with the acceptance of the quotation the development process will commence – measurements, fabric sourcing and fittings.
  • The client will receive their fitting dates – up to the delivery/collection date of the garment. This can be discussed or finalized via email.
  • All fittings are done at the designer’s studio or business address unless otherwise specified by the designer. If in any case, the designer needs to travel to an alternative venue on request of the client regarding a fitting in or around Cape Town, an extra cost/amount of will be charged per fitting R250 per hour (This includes travelling and the fitting time). Fittings outside Cape Town can be arranged with the designer.
  • Delivery/Collection date is usually 5-7 days before the event unless alternatives are discussed/arranged with Stephen.
  • During fittings, Stephen will ensure that the garment fits perfectly and the client is comfortable. The client may give her opinion about the garment – and it will be taken into consideration and the necessary changes will be made if the designer thinks it will benefit or better the fit or aesthetic value of the dress.
  • A fitting is approximately 30-60 minutes.
  • 4-5 fittings up to the collection will ensure that everything is perfect.
  • Extra fittings on the client’s request will be billed at R680 per fitting excluding VAT.
  • Stephen will notify the client immediately if he anticipates that her gown will require more fittings which are included in the quoted price.
  • All extra time due to a change of design or fabrication will be billed separately from the quoted amount.
  • Made-to-measure gowns must be paid in full before the date of collection.
  • All Stephen Van Eeden gowns dispatched on the clients’ consent via SA Post or couriers become the sole responsibility of the client. Unless otherwise specified by the designer.


  • A 50% deposit (non-refundable) is required upon the placement of an order and receiving the signed Terms and Conditions.
  • The balance of the payment will be due before the final delivery/collection of the client’s gown.
  • PLEASE NOTE: No gowns will be dispatched until full payment is received.
  • Full payment in advance is required for all international clients.
  • Please find business and banking details below:
    Stephen Van Eeden Atelier Pty Ltd
    VAT NO: 4130300868
    First National Bank, Cheque Account
    Account number: 62702805493
    Branch code: 250655
    Reference: Client Name


  • In the event of an order being cancelled after the design is finalised and fabric sourced and paid for by the designer – the full deposit will be retained.
  • If an order is cancelled after the development of a gown has begun or is completed, the client will be liable for the final payment as well as the 50% deposit will be retained. The gown will be finished and will be the property of the client.


  • All designs illustrated by Stephen or gowns that feature on his website, social media pages and publications are the sole intellectual property of Stephen Van Eeden Atelier and may not be reproduced in any circumstance unless pre-arranged.