February 14, 2018

ZEITZ MOCAA – Fashion meets Art

Last year, September, we had the honour to be part of an amazing collaboration with photographer Lindie Wilton, OPUS-Studio and the newly launched Zeitz MOCAA Events venue that is based on the 6th floor of the ZEITZ – Museum of Contemporary African Art in the Silo district of Cape Town, South Africa. For this specific blog post we carefully selected images that really encapsulates the essence of our muse, as well as the phenomenal venue/location.

The outcome was a feast for the the eyes. We created a tasteful and simplistic narration with so many creative elements like art, architecture, decor, flowers and fashion.  All carefully curated to be in sync and compliment one another.

We had full access to the rooftop of the museum.  This allowed for stunning views of Table mountain and the Cape Town city-scape on the one side and on the other, the colourful and vibrant V and A Waterfront.  These iconic backdrops contributed to the success of our shoot.

Our third location was the abstract rooftop statue garden, this is literally installed on-top of the Silos. The floor is made of round panels of solid glass which allow you to look down about 6 levels to the ground floor.  To compliment this fairly uncomplicated environment featuring plenty of abstract and geometric shapes and lines, we decided to pair it with ensembles or pieces from our ‘NOIR du NOIR’ Collection and the soon to be launched ‘Caged Birds’ Collection, which boast interesting textures and subtle details, whilst still looking simplistic and contemporary.

A selection of images were also featured on Lemontrend Blog, alongside an in-depth interview with Lindie Wilton.

Thank you to the following service provider:

Venue: Zeitz Mocaa Events

Photographer: Lindie Wilton

Hair & Make-up: The Morley Sisters

Flowers & Decor: OPUS-Studio

Model: Crystal van Niekerk