October 20, 2018

Project Runway South Africa Season 1, Part 2

“In this industry one day you are in, and the next you are out.”

This premier fashion design contest is charting our journey as 12 aspiring fashion designers by putting our skills to the ultimate test. Each episode sees us, as contestants, creating garments restricted by a certain theme, budget, material and time. The tasks are stretching the boundaries of our passion, innovation, creativity and ingenuity.

Project Runway South Africa is proudly presented by Ndalo Pictures, the new multimedia division of Ndalo Media, in association with 4th Street Wine. Supported by Edgars, Kelso Beauty, TRESemmé, Menlyn Park Shopping Centre, and Lexus. The production partner is Rapid Blue.

I made it to week 6 – it already feels like a massive accomplishment as the last 5 challenges really put our creativity, perseverance and skills to to the ultimate test! What will the 6th Challenge be?

Episode 6 presented us with the TRESemmé challenge! Hair meet Fashion! We were asked to design a AVANT GARDE look inspired by the different TRESemmé hair-care products & hairstyles!

Colour, style and cut, all these elements apply to hair as well as fashion apparel! See how I fused these 2 commodities to create a look that will BLOW your mind!

Aisa, looking like a goddess! A futuristic nymph or mermaid? I chose the TRESemmé  product-line – Beauti-FULL Volume and created a look that is voluminous, light and bouncy to compliment the fairy-like hairstyle.

Episode 7 of Project Runway South Africa was one of my favourites! The LEXUS CHALLENGE! It is no secret that fast-cars and fashion go hand-in-hand. We were visually spoiled with the gorgeous state-of-the-art sports car. The brief was to design a red-carpet ensemble, inspired by the Lexus LC 500, for a woman attending a premiere at a theatre.

My MUSE for this challenge was a strong independent woman. She is fierce, feminine and fabulous. She demands attention and sets the fashion rules on the RED CARPET!

Jeremeese serving all-sorts of LEXUS LC500 sports-luxe RED CARPET COUTURE. She is wearing a sensually sparkly jumpsuit with a seductive plunging V-neckline and cut-out back!

One of my least favourite episodes! Episode 8 was the Edgars | Kelso Beauty DENIM CHALLENGE! The brief was to design a ready-to-wear outfit, inspired by an allocated theme. My theme was ‘Vintage’. I added delicate elements like hues of Soft pink and silver to soften the hard workwear-nature of denim. Staying away of the obvious vintage pin-up 1940’s/50’s ideas, that I felt was the easy route to go.

With this Challenge I realised that it is very important to celebrate ones failures as much as your successes! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Tracy brings my cute futuristic take of a ‘Vintage’ schoolgirl uniform to life on the runway!

Week 9, a win at last! Episode 9 of Project Runway South Africa presented us with the 4th Street Wines TEAM CHALLENGE! This was not a wine pairing, but rather a designer pairing! 6 contestants were left and we were divided into teams of 2.  I was teamed with Kentse Masilo – and the two of us got along like a HOUSE on fire and we definitely lit up the runway with our ensembles. We created looks that transcend from DAY to NIGHT – from work wear to getting your vibe on while having sundowners with your girlfriends!  As I said in diaries, she was one of the best contestants to have in your team. I admire her resilient personality and stylistic tailored aesthetic!

HUAWA & Joyce were fire on the Runway! SERIOUS unconventional twinning for this challenge.  The brief was to design 2 outfits (1 per designer) consisting out of 3 pieces that are cohesive and have the ability to interchange and connect! Hues of navy, burgundy and rose created independent looks that are strong, sophisticated and chic.

Week 10, another favourite episode and ensemble, yet this was my EXIT! My 10/10 moment – 10 Weeks | 10 challenges | 10 outfits | 10 100% out of my comfort zone situations – I AM SO PROUD!

My 10th out of my comfort zone moment – BUT OH SO worth the leap – pushing my design capabilities far beyond my brand’s known design aesthetic that resembles modern elements of femininity and glamour.

Is the concept of this show not to adapt to every challenge, interpret the theme, have FUN, push the boundaries of your usual design aesthetic, be fresh and original to show versatility?

This Project Runway South Africa challenge was to design an ensemble inspired by Braamfontein & global street wear – Google Image search that! Trift stores, mix and match, eclectic juxtaposing pieces that create a look that demands attention and reflects self expressive streetstyle.

CAMOUFLAGE, neon reflection and JACQUARD knit spoke to me! NO BALLGOWNS or redcarpet this time around, I do that everyday!

THANK YOU to all the loyal supporters on Instagram, Twitter and facebook, the past 10 weeks.

THANK YOU to my friends & family for your unconditional love and motivation, every single day of my life! I couldn’t have done this without ALL of you! I would’ve LOVED my DAD to see this, but I know he was definitely rooting for me from heaven! He always said -‘ Remember Life is like a flowing river, once the water has passed you, you will never be able to get it back.’ LIVE YOUR LIFE TO THE FULLEST, Responsibly!

THANK YOU to the 12 other contestants – Guys WOW what a journey – I have never done such crazy things in my life as in this show! Thinking back I am so happy that I took part, cause otherwise I wouldn’t have met all you talented designers – even if we are not always very positive about the turn out and the feedback, rememeber that this experience – WILL not define you as a designer, nor your talent, nor will anyone be able to change that narrative of who YOU really are and the people that know you and the ones out there knows! We all had ‘je ne sais quoi’ to be one of the 12 designers nationwide to be creative, smile, cut, sew, stress and wave on tv! SO WELL DONE to Thokozani, Mias, Excellent, Vuyisa, Gift, Sihle, Gugu, Jaime, Kireshen, Sandile and Kentse.

THANK YOU Project Runway South Africa, Rapid Blue (Michelle Williams you need an award) , Mzansi Magic, Ndalo Media, The SPONSORS (4th STREET , Edgars , Kelso Beauty by Edgars , TRESemmé , Lexus South Africa , Menlyn Park Shopping Centre), Gert Johan Coetzee (Mentor) and the Judges Lerarto Kganyago, Noni Gasa, Rahim Rawjee and the guest judges!

Here is to the next JOURNEY – “So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.” Fitzgerald

We must accept the end of something in order to begin to build something NEW!