August 8, 2018

Siren of the Sea | Creative Shoot

‘No Siren did ever so charm the ear of the listener, as the listening ear has charmed the soul of the siren.’ Henry Taylor

This beautiful quote above was the inspiration for this magical collaboration, between the Stephen van Eeden brand, photographer Lauren, make-up artist Madeleine and the gracious Miss Continents 2017, Andeline Wieland.  We are a 100 percent sure that the below images will attest that the outcome was very successful!

These specific ensembles were specifically designed and created to spark that ‘inner little girl – feeling’ of looking like an absolute mythical princess that lives by the ocean, waiting for her prince charming!

Photography: Lauren Pretorius Photography

Hair & Make-up: Madeleine Hair and Make-up

Model: Andeline Wieland | Miss Continents 2017